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to do

this is for my adhd ass to remember specifically nobody else :kissing_face:

  • add cbox bc i wanna
  • finish my fucking uhbhhhh links page
  • make shrines god
  • quiz results page
  • avatar/dressup page
  • also status.cafe && whatever the fuck is going on here
  • phucking adopts
  • graphics page bc i collect these for what
  • make a site map goddam
  • fight the urget to fucking lose it and run into a forest and literally never come out
  • find more blinkies && stamps (like i need them smfh)
  • fuckign add more graphcs everywhere make this the enemy of bad pcs (my pc)


9/18/2023 1:41 am

long time no see (it has been two months) i've still been updating things of course I just forget to update this :3. i have been doing a lot of work on my shrine recently but have also been coming back to older pages and updating them. i fixed the pronouns page so its a list and its a lot cleaner, i have changed the font i used for h1 and h3 because it didnt allow symbols, and i have generally been doing some quality of life things. i keep forgetting to add alts to shit bc im a lil silly. anyways i also finally added a shrine page so you can finally find it thru my main page lol. I've been doing all this between job hunting because i quit my old job for some personal reasons. anyways i'm getting some interviews so exciting progress on that front. unemployment kinda sucks ass ngl im so bored. but its given me time to start drawing, coding, and gaming again i guess but also more than a bit of cabin fever. i need to update more things on older pages but I think i'm all coded out for tonight. i need to update our members list especially because clancy isn't the primary fronter atm and i (cahara) deserve credit!!! i have therapy later so i need to sleep. wish me luck at winning therapy gang i love you

7/8/2023 5:19 pm

man coding is such bullshit. i finally figured out what was wrong with the macaroni webring widget and it was so dumb. apparently if you have a piece of css thats written like ".class a1, a2: {styling}" it'll read the "a2" part as a separate thing not related to the class. 😭 😭 😭 😭 i am in shambles


oh man long time no see. I lost all motivation to code for while, and whenever I did do something I forgot to update this. Well, here's a list of shit I've been working on. I made a commission page awhile ago. More recently I've made The Macaroni Webring, but thats just a little side project as my current big project is a Fear & Hunger 2: Termina e-shrine. It's still hugely work in progress but I'm so excited and its by far my biggest project yet. Its making me learn all kinds of new coding skills and it's absolutely an indulgence in my current SPIN. General life updates, I'm working again. Currently not going because i got time off for a vacation we didn't end up going on, which is probably a good thing since I ended up having a hypomanic episode lol. Its mostly over now but I got a lot done during it tho /lh

8/12/2022 1:45 AM

i almost had a mental breakdown over webamp it took literally all night but i did it im so smart && cool and mentally well && normal (lie)

8/6/2022 12:41 AM

i did it im a fucking genius i figured out iframes lets fucking gooooo

anyways i made the nav and main content iframes to cut down on the amount of code in my index and also to make it so you can keep listening to my shitty playlist while browsing all of the website and not just the main page!

i still need to work out how to make the backgrounds of the iframes transparent but i've been working on other shit instead. i added a few new folks to System Info, namely Alishka and Abraxas. do u think mayb one day sysscringe will put me on their subreddit 🥺?

i also need to fix the padding on either side of my pronoun hoard.

in the meantime i plan on working more on my links page!

otherwise york made me add a fucking doom widget to his site you can find it here if you're so inclined.

thats all for now!

7/3/2022 4:20 AM

i am in pain

6/22/2022 11:33 AM

Hi I'm gonna start trying to do updates! This is my first one. I'm trying to figure out if I can use ifram for my navigation and also trying to figure out how to do persistent audio with the spotify music player. If you know how to do either of these things any help would be very appreciated!