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Macaroni Webring!

Welcome to the Macaroni Webring! We are a community of individuals who believe in radical acceptance! This webring is mostly made for a group of friends with websites who are a part of the macaroni - an otherkin community discord server, so there is not a very big chance of us accepting new indivuals who we don't already know. That being said, feel free to join the community and get to know us!


macaroni is a discord server created 01/11/2022 and opened to the public a week later on 01/18/2022. It began as a community primarily aimed at otherkin and alterhuman indivuals or those who want to learn about them, made in the wake of a collapse of a similar community. Since then, however, it has grown to be a place for all types of systems as well as queer people and those with neurodivergencies. It is open to anyone interested in being a part of the community and tries to be a safe space to learn with many resources and individuals with special knowledge on the topics. This webring is just a fun side project and a fun way for some of the community members to connect and share this type of connection.


While we stand for radical acceptance and tolderance, we are not so welcoming of hateful or harmful behavior.

We Support:

  • All good faith identities. This includes MOGAI/LIOM, "contradictory" labels, endogenic systems and tulpas.
  • Those trying to research or broaden their horizions for any reason, even if they disagree with our stances.
  • Critical thinking and doing your own personal research.

We Do Not Support:

  • Harmful or appropriative identities. This includes transx.
  • Those with malicious intent, or intent to do harm. Attempts at trolling, spreading misinformation and hateful speech are not tolerated.

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webmaster and owner of sunny-cities, as well as a mod of macaroni. host of an ossd system of 30-something. just a little guy